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Year End Marital Harmony and Festivus

Saturday December 20th 2014 - 14:33 AM EST
Added by: Fairfield Psychological Associates, P.C

To those of us familiar with the Seinfield series, the episode which created the Fesivus holiday can provide a year end exercise for couples.

One of the rituals of this made up holiday is "The airing of grievances", which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a time to get all of your complaints out regarding a family member.

I suggest that couples can put a twist on this ritual. Start off by giving constructive criticism or suggestions for your spouse. I am not talking about something like I don’t like your pot roast; more along the lines of I would like more help with kids.

The next step would be for a couple to take turns and say several complimentary things about their partner or their relationship.

If they have kids, a couple can make this a time to go to dinner, maybe have a drink and make this an annual ritual.


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