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Working 24-7, the New Normal

Saturday May 02nd 2015 - 14:30 AM EST
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While taking a forced middle of the week break from work following the snowstorm which clobbered the South and Mid-Atlantic states, I watched a news story describing the health risks of excessive work habits. 

To summarize, many workers in this country are often required to work in crises mode; that is,  if their supervisor requires it, an employee must be available 7 days a week, all hours of the day or night.  The age of computers and smart phones enables constant connectivity. 

According to labor statistics, Americans are working more hours then ever and it is taking a toll.  Workers are sleeping less, eating more fast foods, spending less time with their families, and risking more health problems.  To paraphrase one commentator, it took a hundred years to bring the work week down to forty hours and it took smart phones 5 years to undo it. 

The challenge to many corporate workers is to question how much of this do they bring on themselves.  Americans are living life at a fast pace, showing addictive tendencies towards their electronic toys.  This provides the perfect intersection with the supervisor who does not care whether you have a life, as long as the latest problem is solved or latest project finished. 

The solution is what we are supposed to demonstrate to our children:  LIMIT SETTING, by slowing down multi-tasking hyper paced lives and by starting to send a message a little at a time to supervisors that it is possible to be off duty, wit  electronic turned off.


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