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Springtime Should Be Taken Seriously

Saturday April 18th 2015 - 14:30 AM EST
Added by: Fairfield Psychological Associates, P.C

This topic for a blog may sound counter intuitive; Why be serious about one of the best parts of the year

New Year resolutions are by now a distant memory. Whatever goal was not accomplished, put it behind you and move forward. Stay in the here and now and enjoy the warmer, longer days. If you are serious about feeling healthier and improving your mood, now is the time to do it.

Take the dog out, go for a walk, bicycle just sit in the sun, or participate in any number of events the community has to offer. Research shows that increasing your Vitamin D levels by being in the sun results in a range of benefits, from increasing energy, to improving mood, improving some aches and pains, and improving your ability to fight off germs. There are similar benefits derived from exercise, regardless how moderate.

Research has also shown that doing any activity with another person can improve mood and a sense of well being.

So, no excuses or rationalizations. Get outside!


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