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Play Therapy

Wednesday April 13th 2016 - 7:04 AM EST
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For children or adolescents who need help learning to manage their mood, thoughts or behaviors; counseling can be extremely helpful.  Counseling provides a child with an environment that supports open communication with a neutral adult. Therefore working with children in counseling play techniques and interventions can support rapport building and ways to problem solve.


Play therapy is a type of counseling to help children process experiences, moods, behaviors, etc. through age appropriate understanding or play.  Similar to other expressive therapies, play therapy focuses on helping the child begin counseling precisely at the level that is needed.  A play therapist will consider the cognitive and developmental aspects of the child.  A counselor who uses play techniques may readily have available a variety of toys and items for children to engage with, such as board games, a doll house and dolls, stuffed animals, puppets, building blocks, Legos, coloring books, etc. 



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