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Depression and Sunshine

Saturday July 11th 2015 - 6:28 AM EST
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Why talk about depression during this August like weather   Well, reality will eventually hit as we near the middle of October, as the weather will eventually turn cooler and the days will shorten.  People who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder will experience a mood change, if they have not already, as the angle of the sun changes and shortens the days.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression with basically the same symptoms as other depressions:  depressed mood, irritability, fatigue, poor sleep, change in appetite, poor concentration, loss of interest in normal activities.  It is a biological occurrence that some individuals have in reaction to the lower amounts of sun and increased darkness in late Fall and leading into Winter.  For many people not suffering from Seasonal Depression, this time of year can be difficult for other reasons.  It begins a long stretch of stressful events as the pressure of the school year kicks into gear, along with car pools for numerous child activities and the anticipation of the holiday season.  This is an excellent time to focus on yourself and engage in some healthy activities to help fortify you against stress.  Many people are deficient in Vitamin D, which can affect mood, energy levels and lower your resistance to illness.  Your doctor can easily check for this.  Next, don’t wait to make a News Years resolution - now is a good time to start exercising.  It can help to relieve stress and help your brain produce good chemicals, helping to balance out the shorter days.  Finally, try not to release your stress by overeating, which as the season progresses can easily get worse.


Gary Rotfus, LCSW



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