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Be Here Now

Saturday May 30th 2015 - 5:54 AM EST
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A friend of mine who is in a Human Resources job, told me of a corporate seminar and exercise based on the concept of Be Here Now.  In summary it is a concept geared to promote better employee-employer relations; problem solve concerns in the here and now; keep individuals focused on the present.  This to me is reminiscent of pop culture and philosophy of the 1970s rooted in what was referred to as Eastern thinking, loosely based on concepts of Buddism.  The idea of being in the present cultivated practices such as Meditaton.  Fast forward to our presented culture and perhaps there is a lot to learn from this simple yet far reaching way of thinking.  We live in a world inundated by devices.  This by some accounts is a generation of parents who want to be super involved in everything, as exemplified by using midwives for natural births, lactate nurses, using organic foods, or choosing the perfect pre-school.  Yet, look around you at restaurants, parks, homes, even doctor offices and observe parents and their children, as young as pre-school age to teenagers immersed in their electronic devices.  Parents are modeling a form of communication and relationships based on detachment.  It is being here and not being here at the same time. For those parents that are more tech savvy then personal savvy, try something new:  talk to your kids, engage them, trying playing a board game with the family, read or watch something together instead of separately and then actually discuss it.  < xml:namespace prefix = "o" />

The same can apply to your spouse or partner, but I’ll elaborate on that another time.



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