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Anxiety made simple- Part 2

Saturday June 27th 2015 - 6:27 AM EST
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I have previously described 2 kinds of anxiety, OCD and Generalized Anxiety.  These are often considered Biological, meaning it is theorized that there are chemical imbalances at their root, affecting neurotransmitters in the brain; though environmental factors can play a role.  Now, I want to talk about anxiety related to stress, something we all have to deal with.  In a clinical sense, we often refer to this as Adjustment Problems.  Major life events - the death of someone close, moving, changing jobs, break up of a relationship, school problem, medical problem, accident.  Everyone has a different threshold and capability to deal with these events.  If someone is pre disposed to a generalized anxiety or depression, this will of course greatly affect their ability to deal with these very difficult life events.  It is normal to have symptoms such as poor sleep, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, feeling overwhelmed, mood swings, and irritability.  Then there is everyday stress - family conflicts, financial problems, job problems, school pressure.  Part of a healthy lifestyle is learning how to cope with stress and develop outlets.  It is also important to develop a routine which includes healthy eating and exercise, to add balance to your life and enhance the chemicals in the brain which promote a sense of well-being.



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