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Anxiety made simple- Part 1

Saturday June 13th 2015 - 6:25 AM EST
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Understanding whether you suffer from anxiety, and if you do, knowing what kind is crucial to getting the right treatment. Let’s say you are driving down I -264 and a car swerves toward you and almost runs you off the road.  In that moment you experience that sinking feeling in your stomach, like being on a Busch Gardens roller coaster.  Then you notice that thumping heart sensation and maybe sweaty palms.  Your body has just gone into flight or fight mode - your brain signaled your body that there is an emergency and the rest is automatic.


Now imagine you are lying awake or just watching television, and BOOM! Those same sensations appear from nowhere.  Now you are having a panic attack, as opposed to the car incident which is a normal response to stress; and the sad irony is that the more you get frightened of your own body sensations, such as a pounding heart,  the more your brain thinks there is a true emergency, like in the car incident, making it harder to stop.


Next, there is Generalized Anxiety.  Like its name implies, this is when you experience a general sense of negativity, worried that something is always going to go wrong.  Often, people experience not being able to turn their minds off......what if this happens, then what if that happens and so forth.  We all have stress in our lives, but in this instance, there is a spiraling sense of fear of the future.  The anticipation of an event can cause more anxiety then the event itself.  This often causes a lot of stress for family members, who feel hopeless in trying to calm down their fears.


Both Panic Attacks and Generalized Anxiety can be treated successfully through a combination of Psychotherapy and Medication.


To be continued in next blog.



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