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Added: Friday March 27th 2015 - 14:18 AM EST
By: Fairfield Psychological Associates, P.C

Whether in a marriage or long term relationship, how each individual chooses to handle stress and emotional support determines long term happiness, as opposed to relationship failure and unhappiness. Though it is hard to determine the chemistry that initially draws couples together, many working in this field have a good idea of what undermines relationships as well as what helps them to succeed. Here are some pointers:

Where you are going is more important then where you have been. Simply put, regardless of diverse background, or needing to deal with one’s past family dysfunctions, couple who share a plan for the future and mutual values that guide their future, tend to stay together.

Remember that you are a team. It should be you and your partner against the world, not each other. There are always going to be disagreements.

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Added: Saturday December 20th 2014 - 14:33 AM EST
By: Fairfield Psychological Associates, P.C

To those of us familiar with the Seinfield series, the episode which created the Fesivus holiday can provide a year end exercise for couples.

One of the rituals of this made up holiday is "The airing of grievances", which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a time to get all of your complaints out regarding a family member.

I suggest that couples can put a twist on this ritual. Start off by giving constructive criticism or suggestions for your spouse. I am not talking about something like I don’t like your pot roast; more along the lines of I would like more help with kids.

The next step would be for a couple to take turns and say several complimentary things about their partner or their relationship.

If they have kids, a couple can make this a time to go to dinner, maybe have a drink and make this an annual ritual.

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Tags: | Counseling | Marriage Counseling | Relationship Counseling

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