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Dealing with Womens Issues Counseling

As most adults know, men and women develop and age differently at every stage of life.

Generally, men are more driven by physical needs and are able to get their needs met in concrete and clear ways on their own. However women, for the most part, tend to use their emotions to understand and manage situations in life.

As a result of these emotions, women can also feel misunderstood and unsupported.

In our practice, we help women learn to understand how their emotions impact their day-to-day life. We help women discover how to feel empowered as emotional beings in today’s society.

We show women how to manage the aging process and/or retirement, how to deal with the “empty-nest” issues of children moving on to build their own lives, and how to develop and sustain nurturing relationships.

Quite often, discussing these issues brings up past unresolved conflicts in a woman’s life that can be worked through for better awareness and clarity. This counseling helps recognize negative behavior patterns.

After acknowledging these patterns, the therapist and client can work together to develop positive and healthy behavior patterns for further empowerment and self-confidence in a safe and nurturing environment.

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