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Medication Management Counseling

Many people seek counseling help for situational problems.  These may include:
  • family conflicts
  • a financial crisis
  • a death of friend or family member,
  • a move
  • job stress or a new job
  • ealing with a child experiencing problems

However,  there are several Psychiatric conditions that are the result of bio-chemical imbalances.  These include:
  • Major Depression
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • ADHD and in rear cases certain forms of Psychoses. 

Are you experiencing mood swings, worry excessively, feel like you are not enjoying life, feel isolated, not performing well in school or work, having sleep problems, loss of sexual interested, fatigued all of the time, or have poor concentration, or having relationship problems? 

You might be suffering from one of the diagnoses mentioned  above, which may require more then Psychotherapy.

As part of an Initial Evaluation, a Licensed Psychotherapist will take a thorough history to help determine a diagnoses.  This is a collaborative effort with a counselor you can trust and will maintain your confidentiality.

If it is determined that an individual has a problem, which along with therapy the symptoms will respond to medication, he or she will be referred to either our Psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioner for a Medication Evaluation. That Medical Professional will then do their own evaluation and recommend medication if that is indicated.  This appointment takes about 1 hour and is covered by insurance. 

Once the proper dose is established, medication management appointments are scheduled about every 8-10 weeks, which is usually for approximately 15 minutes.  Any questions about refills or side affects can be handled by a phone call to our office. 

The Nurse or Physician will work in collaboration with your therapist or any other physician as is necessary.  There is no need to go on suffering.  Research has shown that individuals experience the most improvement when medication if needed is prescribed, along with Psychotherapy. 

Contact us and our office staff will guide you through making your first appointment.

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