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Anna Tihomirova, LPC

Hi, I’m Anna! I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor, but you might also call me a misery exterminator, self-love igniter, relationship healer. I love helping individuals and couples to bring peace and excitement into their life. I help people who dream about positive relationship, fulfilling career, and life that they love, but feel that what they do is not good enough, are buried under pressure of society, and have fear to fail or fear of being judged. I guide you toward finding positive balance in life and in relationship so you can move toward to what you want to do while having “I can attitude” and a smile on your face. I stand by your side while you are making important decisions; I teach you how to make YOUR decisions and feel excited about your life journey. I believe that life can and should be a joyful journey. Not always an easy one, but challenge can only motivate us to grow to get better and stronger in life. If you need a partner to help you bring peace and joy back to your life, schedule a free consultation today.

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