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Developmental Issues of Childhood

Often, parents and caregivers will bring children and adolescents in for concerns they have observed. These reports range from their children struggling in social situations, either making friends or keeping friends, they tend to be very reactive when things do not go their way, or they simply describe their children as “rigid” or “quirky.”

Our therapists will assess these behaviors to determine if they are typical and age-appropriate or they require further testing.

Testing can assist the parents and therapists can differentiate the descriptions provide as age-appropriate or if they indicate a possible diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum disorder, a sensory issue, ADHD/ADD, or any number of other developmental diagnoses.

After testing is complete, our therapists will work with parents and children to develop a plan of how to help manage symptoms connected to the diagnosis such as helping identify triggers for behaviors, improve social skills, develop improved self-esteem, and identify positive and healthy coping skills.

Additionally, when there are developmental issues confirmed, therapists work with parents on how their habits, discipline, communication and expectations, may need to be adjusted and how implementing structure and routine in the home can often help their children thrive with less disruption.

Providing case management is another critical piece we offer to families and individuals, particularly with a developmental diagnosis. Typically, these behaviors require services supplemental to therapy.

Our therapists can connect family’s with home-based services, guidance on accessing educational services through 504 plans or IEPs, referrals to ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services and social skills groups. With a well-rounded approach to care, our practice can ensure the needs of children and adolescents with developmental issues are met and fmaily’s are supported.

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