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Art Therapy

As a client entering counseling your goals or reason for starting treatment may be difficult at times to talk about and creating art can be a safe and alternative way to communicate.  Art therapy is a type of counseling based on helping clients to find insight, process experiences and as a way to heal through visual means.  An art therapist is a Masters level counselor who is registered with the Art Therapy Credentials Board.  A Registered Art Therapist (ATR) must complete post-graduate supervision for direct client contact hours and apply for credentialing.


An art therapy counseling session supports a client’s therapeutic growth through use of a variety of media, including clay, paint, collage, drawing, coloring, journaling and much more.  An art therapy session may involve the counselor prompting you to create an image to help you in treatment, such as drawing your feelings.  A counseling session with an art therapist can also be self-directed by a client to use materials as they wish to help process treatment goals.  Art therapy is beneficial for clients of all ages as it promotes a safe format for self-exploration.  Art therapy can be especially helpful for clients who struggle to communicate their feelings and thoughts effectively.


Additionally, the process of creating art can be a strong coping skill to help manage a variety of mental health related problems, such as stress, anger, anxiety and depression.  For example, coloring and doodling are creative ways to reduce stress and improve your ability to manage challenging emotions. 


Kacie Zediker, LPC, ATR, CSOTP is a Registered Art Therapist at Fairfield Psychological Associates.  If you are interested in art therapy counseling we are conveniently located in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach.

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